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Chosen Care is a local nonprofit that supports families and vulnerable children with personalized case management, trauma-informed parent coaching, and therapeutic resources. Making a tangible impact to help children heal from trauma.

Many children in the welfare system have suffered trauma due to abuse and neglect. These children are separated from their parents and placed in an unfamiliar family. On average, children in foster care move multiple times in a single year. The impact of these hard histories leaves children vulnerable, lonely, and hurting. 


In addition to supporting vulnerable children, Chosen Care supports Relative Caregivers who are often grandparents, extended family members, or close family friends of the children who were removed from their first families. These difficult removals occurred because children experience trauma, abuse or neglect. Typically when a child is placed with a Relative Caregiver, the caregiver has not had traditional training that foster parents have received, leaving them ill-equipped to handle the challenges of children with hard histories. 


Chosen Care also supports families that have adopted children with hard histories. Parents of children with a history of trauma often find themselves at a loss to break these cycles. Traditional parenting techniques don’t seem to work. Training they received before the child entered the home was not enough or has been forgotten. Friends and family provide well-meaning advice that is ineffective, and caregivers are left feeling confused and overwhelmed by what their children need in the midst of everyday struggles.