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Did you know you can give through your commission transactions on Command?
Hearts & Hands partners with local organizations each year
to make a big impact in our community...

The average transaction donations range from $10-25 add up over time and

make a big difference!

(That's a few cups of coffee/lunch out!)


Here's how to make a difference: Simply decide an amount you're willing to give from your transactions, fill out the form below & we'll take care of the rest.. no additional work needed!

I understand that by completing this form, I authorize a donation to Hearts and Hands in the amount indicated below to be deducted from each of my closings. I understand that Hearts and Hands, as a 501(c)(3), will issue a receipt for my tax-deductible donation(s) as allowable by law.

Thank you for contributing to Hearts & Hands through your commission transactions!

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